What to Expect

Refresh Training

We’ll start in the classroom with all the relevant theory applicable to the category. An interactive presentation will be carried out, aided by PowerPoint and explanations. Confirmation questions will be asked throughout to ensure candidates fully understand the course content.

Thereafter we’ll proceed outside and focus on the practical side of the training by going through the operational side of the machine. “Bad Habits” will be identified and correct procedures will be shown.


Experienced Worker Test

Depending on experience operators may forego the Refresher Training and just do the test, this decision can be made in consultation with the course presenter and based on the completed profile form

We’ll start in the classroom with the completion of the profile sheet. Thereafter the theory test will be completed.

Once completed we will proceed outside and do the practical examination.

It is important to note the Experienced Worker Test is a test only. There is no instruction or correction given during this process.

Note: that all training takes place on site or at the client’s premises, all relevant equipment and amenities need to be provided. This will include a presentation room with a projector, the relevant machine for Training/Testing and a safe working area for practical testing.

Any Questions?

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